Lenix is one of the first teams engaged in digital currency mining, with a maximum computing power of 2% of the entire network. Lenix's business scope covers digital currency financial derivatives platforms, joint mining, cloud computing power, digital currency exchanges, token production and issuance, and other business systems.


TokenEpoch was established in January 2018 and is committed to providing high-quality digital asset management and related services to institutional and individual investors. Carry out technical research and strategy development on a global scale, and provide stable back-tested profitable products.

Bit Cloud

Bit Cloud is a leading global digital currency cloud computing power service provider. Committed to providing the best cost-effective cloud computing power leasing service, cloud computing power maintenance, and mining machine hosting services for the digital currency mining community.


Rooswap is a cross-chain asset exchange protocol based on the Ethereum Network. It is mainly used in NFT asset mortgage lending and NFT liquidity mining. A DeFi fifinancial system incorporating DeFi+DAO+NFT+Cross-chain technology has been designed to provide services such as issuing, trading various assets and liquidity miningthrough the ADCX protocol.


The bytom blockchain protocol is an interactive protocol for multiple bitcoin assets. In different forms on the Bytom blockchain chain, the same bitcoin and atomic assets can be registered, exchanged, gambling, and Interaction operations based on the atomic complexity of the contract.


The Vechain platform is a global ledger information interaction and collaboration cloud platform based on block technology. Through API and application layer docking, people, things or things in the real world are digitized to realize the interconnection and interconnection of information.


lf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network with high performance, resource isolation characteristics, and a more complete governance and development structure.


NEO is a community-driven open source platform. Using blockchain technology and digital identities, developers can realize digitalization and automation of asset management through smart contracts.


CYBEREITS aspires to become the number one platform for global online real estate transactions. Link global real estate intermediaries on the real estate side and move global real estate worth 200 trillion US dollars to the Internet; open up the digital currency payment channel on the transaction side to realize the use of digital currency to trade global real estate.


Zcash is the first blockchain system to use a zero-knowledge proof mechanism, which can provide complete payment confidentiality while still being able to use public blockchains to maintain a decentralized network.


Aave is an open source decentralized lending protocol that provides users with deposit and lending services.


Polkadot will realize a completely decentralized Internet, where users have complete control. It conceives that the Internet is that everyone’s identity and data are controlled by themselves, without being affected by any central agency.


Kusama provides a method close to the real environment to test the Polkadot network in advance to ensure the security of the Polkadot network.


LINK is an ERC20 standardized token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to pay Chainlink node operators to retrieve data from off-chain data, format the data into a blockchain- readable format, off-chain computing, and ensure normal operation time.


ZRX is an open source protocol for peer-to-peer transactions to facilitate the transaction of ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain.


Flow is a platform for a new generation of games, apps, and digital assets that power it.