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ADCX fund was established in 2015 and was awarded the digital currency exchange by the Australian government in the same year (Registration Number: DEC100579157-001). It has conducted research and investment in many fields of blockchain industry, involving layer2, NFT, cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Polkadot ecology, etc. In the near future, the foundation will continue to pay attention to the ecological development of NFT, covering the fields of comprehensive trading platform, encryption art platform, trendy play collection, games, virtual world, domain name, social networking, NFT + DeFi, project startup platform, etc. The foundation is managed by professionals. It undertakes the responsibilities of investor education, risk warning, information disclosure, blockchain technology project review, blockchain technical personnel training, technical personnel qualification identification, and capital use supervision. The foundation firmly believes that blockchain technology will play a more important role in the future, bringing more transparency, higher efficiency and safer environment to the global economy.

Investment types

Crypto Mining

Bitcoin, as a virtual currency with high return on investment, good liquidity, and low correlation with other assets, is favored by global investors. As a long -term investment choice, we tend to invest in mining machines to produce coins.

Quantification Of digital currency

Quantitative trading can select a variety of "high probability" events that can bring excess returns from the huge historical data, and formulate them as investment strategies, and then use massive models to verify and solidify these laws and strategies, and then strictly implement the solidified ones. Strategies to guide investment operations, so that we can obtain sustainable, stable and above-average returns of excess returns.

Venture Equity

The equity exposure of companies that build products and services in the emerging blockchain ecosystem. Our reputation and technological advantages allow us to dominate about half of the investments in our portfolio companies.